The short-term advanced training courses on industry for employees of khokimiyats are continuing

training courses

Short-term advanced training courses for lower-level civil servants have been held in all regions of the Republic at the initiative of the Agency for the Development of Public Service.

The training courses were organized at the Tashkent State University of Economics with the most prospective university professors and teachers, as well as managers and employees of the Agency for the Development of Public Service.

The aim of the training courses is to improve the political, legal, and professional knowledge and skills necessary for effective action in this field, as well as communication skills with the public.
These courses are organized on current topics directly based on the proposals of lower-level civil servants and their needs in their daily work activities.

Today, February 6, training courses were held for specialists who were attached to the deputy khokim of Tashkent city district, head of the Department of Investments and Foreign Trade of the district (city). At first, the essence of the Law on the State Civil Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan was explained. Afterwards, they revealed such concepts as increasing the investment attractiveness of regions and improving the investment environment, as well as determining the “growth points” of regions and forming proposals for investment projects.

The following topics were also explained in detail: Working with appeals from legal entities and individuals (dealing with documents, ensuring performance discipline), The system for evaluating deputy heads of local executive bodies based on key performance indicators (KPIs) and communication and oratory culture (establishing effective relationships with the population).