Ethical food and supplies sourcing policy

The Tashkent State University of Economics has been assisted in developing the Ethical Catering Policy (Ethical food and supplies sourcing policy). Each branch and department understands its obligation to the environment and conducts all of its operations in a way that is both socially and environmentally responsible.

We make an effort to take social and environmental concerns into account when running our business. We are aware that it is our duty to push our suppliers to reduce any unfavorable environmental and social effects related to the goods and services they offer. Additionally, we’ll work to prevent discrimination against regional and smaller suppliers in the procurement procedure and requirements and to aggressively promote their participation in tendering occasions.

The Tashkent State University of Economics strives to comply with TSUE’s environmental strategy; minimize the adverse environmental and social impact of the various departmental operations and services provided; give preference to goods and services that are produced, and can be used and disposed of, in an environmentally and socially responsible way; and encourage the inclusion, whenever possible, of effective, sustainable criteria in all tender specifications. The objectives of the policy are to: apply the policy to all catering establishments as well as all food and beverages served for internal hospitality and external conferences; ensure, as a minimum standard, that no food procured by the department contains any prohibited additives and that suppliers’ product specifications meet the minimum requirements for the food supply; increase employee awareness of pertinent environmental and social effects of purchases through appropriate training and experience.

Ethical food, Catering
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We have to ensure that we always choose sustainable items, and wherever possible, one fourth of the food and drink we buy comes from local, ethical vendors. In addition to working with the vice-rectors to set commitments and goals, the directors of the student kitchen and the dorms as well as the catering operations manager are accountable for submitting an annual report on the policy’s monitoring and compliance.