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Percentage of operation and maintenance activities

1 Total campus buildings area 190290 m2 2 Total operated building 86000 m2 Percentage building that operated and maintenanced 45%   Operation and maintenance activities.pdf
Tashkent State University of Economics

Program to limit or decrease the parking area on campus

1. Limiting parking zone for students 2. Free to rent bicycle on campus 3. Ride share designed to encourage commuters to adopt healthy and sustainable transportation options. (Carpool) Program to […]

Pedestrian Path Policy on Campus

1. Separator between road for vehicle and pedestrian path. 2. Ramps and guiding blocks which have suitable design for pedestrian having physical disabilities. 3. Street lamp for pedestrian in night. […]

Zero Emission Vehicles policy on campus

There are various routes to the university by bicycle from wherever in the city, making cycling to the campus relatively convenient. Students can hire bicycles from the university for free. […]

Total number of vehicles divided by population

Public transportation is commonly used by university personnel and students. Because the university is near the city center, most individuals take the metro and public buses to escape traffic. The […]
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