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Tashkent State University of Economics

Percentage of operation and maintenance activities

1 Total campus buildings area 190290 m2 2 Total operated building 86000 m2 Percentage building that operated and maintenanced 45% […]

Program to limit or decrease the parking area on campus

1. Limiting parking zone for students 2. Free to rent bicycle on campus 3. Ride share designed to encourage commuters […]

Pedestrian Path Policy on Campus

1. Separator between road for vehicle and pedestrian path. 2. Ramps and guiding blocks which have suitable design for pedestrian […]

Zero Emission Vehicles policy on campus

There are various routes to the university by bicycle from wherever in the city, making cycling to the campus relatively […]

Total number of vehicles divided by population

Public transportation is commonly used by university personnel and students. Because the university is near the city center, most individuals […]