Showcasing Interdisciplinary Research Success at Tashkent State University of Economics: Evidence and Accomplishments

Interdisciplinary research (IDR) has emerged as a crucial aspect of academic institutions worldwide, enabling innovative solutions to complex global challenges. Tashkent State University of Economics (TSUE) recognizes the importance of IDR in addressing contemporary issues. This post highlights the evidence of interdisciplinary research success at TSUE and the measures implemented by the university to promote and evaluate IDR efforts.

Interdisciplinary Research Centers and Initiatives

TSUE has established various research centers and initiatives that focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together experts from different fields to tackle pressing issues. These centers and initiatives may involve faculty from various departments, promoting collaborative efforts to address economic, social, and environmental challenges.

Interdisciplinary Degree Programs and Courses

TSUE offers interdisciplinary degree programs and courses that encourage students to explore connections between different disciplines. These programs aim to prepare graduates for careers that require an understanding of multiple fields, promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed for the global market.

Research Funding and Grants

To support interdisciplinary research, TSUE provides funding opportunities and grants for projects that involve collaboration between different faculties or departments. This financial support encourages researchers to work together, fostering the development of innovative solutions that address complex challenges.

Procedure for a one-time reward for publishing a paper in the scientific databases Scopus and Web of Science

Name of scientific base Payment amount, UZS


Web of Science (75-100) SSCI, SCIE-Q1

20 000 000


Web of Science (50-75) SSCI, SCIE-Q2

17 000 000


Web of Science (25-50) SSCI, SCIE-Q3

15 000 000


Scopus (75-100) Q1

12 000 000


Scopus (50-75) Q2

10 000 000

6 Scopus (25-49) Q3

6 000 000

Collaborative Publications and Conferences

TSUE promotes interdisciplinary research success by encouraging faculty members and students to publish their collaborative work in reputable journals and present their findings at national and international conferences. This visibility helps to highlight the university’s commitment to interdisciplinary research and its impact on addressing real-world problems.

Institutional Support

TSUE has implemented policies and procedures that facilitate interdisciplinary research efforts. This support may include dedicated administrative structures, recognition and rewards systems for faculty engaged in IDR, and the promotion of IDR among students.

The evidence presented above demonstrates that Tashkent State University of Economics is actively promoting interdisciplinary research success. By implementing measures such as interdisciplinary research centers, degree programs, funding opportunities, and institutional support, TSUE fosters an environment that encourages collaboration across different disciplines. This approach enables the university to address complex global challenges effectively and contribute to the advancement of knowledge and innovation.