Within the framework of the R4TCA project, the component of the organization of the training course program “On promoting the export of small business and private entrepreneurship in Central Asia” was discussed. Specialists of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investments of the Republic of Uzbekistan, experts of the International Trade Center and representatives of the Tashkent State University of Economics and the scientific research center “Scientific foundations and problems of the development of the economy of Uzbekistan” took part in the discussion.

During the discussion, the organization of seminars and trainings, the content of special courses, gender approaches, methods of selecting instructors-trainers, evaluation of project implementation results and other issues were discussed in detail.

According to the results of the discussion, a decision was made to prepare a joint memorandum of cooperation between the International Trade Center and the Tashkent State University of Economics within the framework of the R4TCA project.

For reference. International Trade Center (ITC) is the Academy’s preeminent online trading education organization. The academy offers more than 60 courses and enrolls more than 20,000 people each year. The project makes good use of the e-learning experience of the Ministry of Education and Culture and provides customized curriculum design, development of online materials, provision of online platforms, student management and administrative-pedagogical staff focusing on the needs of Central Asian countries. Trade Academy also creates an enhanced version of the e-curriculum and virtual learning space (through the Action resources platform) to provide the best learning experience.